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Calling Pastor Jeff Brown

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Thank you to everyone who attended the congregational meeting Sunday, September 13th!   With a quorum of voting members present, a motion to extend a letter of call to Pastor Jeff Brown passed.  A Letter of Call is an important document.  It signifies the mutual relationship and commitment established for the pastor and congregation.  In signing this official document, a pastor would promise to fulfill pastoral ministry in accord with the ELCA.  The letter of call also states that we, as members of St. Paul’s, pledge our prayers, love, esteem and personal support for the sake of the ministry entrusted to the pastor. 

The next steps are underway!  Required documents, approved by the Board of Deacons, including a Letter of Call have been sent to Bishop Tesch.  After reviewing the letter of call, he will sign and forward it.  Pastor Jeff will then have 30 days to respond.   Pastor Jeff has expressed to the Call Committee that if he is extended the Letter of Call, he will accept and become our new pastor.  He thought that if he was called, his first Sunday at St. Paul’s would be Reformation Sunday, October 25th. 

When told that the vote to extend the call passed, Pastor Jeff’s response was “To God be all glory and praise! I am honored and humbled by your trust.” It is exciting to think about the possibilities ahead for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church partnering with Pastor Jeff Brown!  


~ The Call Committee

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