Growing in Faith

There are many exciting things to get involved in at St. Pauls! 

Anyone is welcome to join.


The Choir welcomes anyone who would like to join them.


Choir Contact:

Kirsten Fagerlund - 281-1283

Bible Studies

Men's and Women's Book Read:  

Book Study Contacts:

Ingrid Remick – 289-4040

Dwain Fagerlund– 281-1283


If you are interested in joining a quilting group please contact:

Pearl Johnson – 281-6693 or

Carol Johnson – 281-6846 or


St. Paul’s is looking for someone that would be willing to be a 'taxi service' for members & friends who need a ride to church services on Sunday mornings.  If this is something you would be willing to assist with, please talk with the church office.

Pastor  Loren Mellum, Interim Pastor : 


Contact us: 

218-281-3638  or

1214 University Ave, Crookston MN  56716

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